AI-Powered Self-Service

Intelligent Answers Power Ticket Deflection

According to Forrester, “customers increasingly use self-service as the first point of contact with customer service organizations.” Our AI-powered Answer Bot provides highly relevant information right inside the messaging thread, resulting in high ticket deflection rates, with escalation to an agent always available, whenever needed.

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Forrester’s latest report highlights the importance of getting self-service right. See examples of brands leveraging self-service to deflect more than 70% of inquiries.


Automated Issue Resolution Without Agents

Helpshift’s automation bots fully automate the majority of routine customer issues, without any agent involvement. Automation bots for specific use cases are automatically invoked based on a customer’s query when applicable. Integrations with 3rd party systems allow for automating complex workflows — no agent necessary.

Leave it to Automation Bots


Call-to-Messaging Deflection

With Helpshift for Phone, brands can elegantly redirect calls to digital messaging. By integrating directly into the IVR phone tree, Helpshift enables your consumers to “Dial 1” to open a messaging experience, within their mobile app or on the mobile web, where bots, AI and automation work together to offer an intuitive, speedy path to resolution.

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