Helpshift for Finance

Consumers use your app to monitor their finances; they want to use it to contact customer service too

Digital Banks Require Digital Messaging

Mobile, in-app messaging is the #1 way today’s banking customers communicate. Messaging gives your customers back what they cherish the most, their time, and allows any support conversation to be paused and resumed later. Your agents will have all the context and data they need to expedite issue resolution too.

Bots and Agents are Better Together

Combine self-service, intelligent automation, and bot-assisted service across digital channels with ease. With Helpshift, agents can easily take over from bots to manually resolve complex issues and designate bots to handle routine workflows, allowing your agents to handle more issues and resolve tickets faster.

Scale. Security. Trust.

Helpshift follows the most stringent security practices. We are Privacy Shield certified, compliant with GDPR, COPPA, ISO27001, ISO27017, and ISO27018. Our services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (compliant with PCI DSS, SOC 1/2/3, HIPPA, ITAR, EU-US, and NIST). Data in transit is secured by TLS encryption. In addition, Helpshift employs third-party experts to conduct regular vulnerability testing.

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