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To truly understand the modern consumer, consider these questions: If you find yourself expecting rapid resolutions, you indeed epitomize the modern consumer. To meet these

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Data democratization is the practice of ungating access to data within an organization and empowering even those with no technical know-how to easily use it



In our digital-first world, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification. For brands, this means providing solutions and answers to customers’ questions in a near-instant. Take



Consumers increasingly prefer to solve their own problems whenever possible. Brands like Starbucks, Lyft, Uber, Fandango, and Airbnb that allow self-service within apps have trained

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Routing customers to the right agent is important for both the brand and the customer: it ensures that customers don’t have to be transferred from

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Chatbots today should not be conflated with chatbots of the past: the technology is more advanced and the customer experience is likewise enhanced. Historically, the

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Much of our daily communication is asynchronous: we send an email in the morning and receive a reply at noon; we respond to a group

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